Testosterone is a hormone that is associated with strength and masculinity. Insufficient amount of it can significantly disturb the natural balance of the body. Testosterone is a basic male steroid that belongs to the group of androgens, i.e. the compounds responsible for giving primary and secondary sexual characteristics.

What is the role of testosterone?

The role of testosterone in the male body is crucial. Because it is masculine, its disturbance can lead to serious complications. Testosterone is responsible for, among others, voice colour reduction, pubic hair and facial hair during puberty, penis and testicles enlargement and development, muscle mass increase, bone development and strengthening, sperm production and maintenance of proper sexual drive.

This most important male hormone is responsible for maintaining proper muscle mass and density. Low testosterone levels lower libido levels, moreover, the silhouette becomes less masculine and begins to take on feminine shapes. Testosterone disorders also affect your mood. Men suffer from constant tiredness, sometimes these ailments turn into depression.

There are many products that contribute to the worsening of the hormonal economy. Interestingly, the group of such products includes not only stimulants, but also everyday products.

What kills testosterone?

  • Alcohol is the main ally of the low libido. Excessive alcohol consumption not only contributes to lower sexual desire, but also to the psyche, which is strongly disturbed and subjected to many dysfunctions. Numerous studies have shown the negative influence of ethanol on the production of masculinity hormone. Even daily drinking of a small amount of spirits can drastically reduce testosterone levels.
  • Sugar - it is not only harmful to maintain a healthy mouth or proper weight. It's able to effectively lower testosterone levels. Studies carried out on men consuming regular daily sugar doses indicated a reduction in testosterone by at least 25%. There's a reason why sugar is called white death.
  • Soya beans - it is believed that regular consumption of soybeans causes a high concentration of ethanol chemicals in the intestines. Despite the many positive effects of this compound, it is not especially beneficial for men, because it lowers testosterone levels.
  • Processed food - the most precise group of products that affect human health. They are harmful not only to men with impotence disorders. Processed food is mainly sugar and refined carbohydrates. They cause, among others, blood vessel blockage, weight gain, decreased mood and concentration. Processed foods reduce libido levels not only in men but also in women.

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