Creams and gels for men are special products whose action is aimed at increasing erections and increasing potency. When deciding on this type of specifics, it is best to choose proven and tested products, the use of which ensures safety. Which are the most effective?

There is a whole range of potency remedies on the market. Tablets and capsules are less likely to be chosen by men because they are more likely to have side effects. Often these preparations irritate the stomach, reduce mood, cause vomiting or diarrhoea. Creams and gels are products that are used externally without irritating the internal organs.

How does potency cream work?

Potency problems are an embarrassing topic for men who avoid counselling in this area. The most common causes of sexual intercourse are stress, insecurity or cardiovascular disease. All kinds of specifics such as creams or gels are intended for local use. They contain substances that have a beneficial effect on circulation in the reproductive organs. One of the auxiliary substances is alprostadil, which causes the relaxation of the muscles of smooth vessels, which in turn results in an increase in blood flow to the penis and a permanent erection. A man becomes more sexually active and receives sexual stimuli faster and more strongly. Creams and gels for potency guarantee perfect hydration during intercourse.

In addition to the active ingredients that cause better blood circulation, natural substances are also found in such substances. These include: guarana and caffeine, which have a stimulating effect. In addition, you can find extracts from ginkgo biloba, which improves blood circulation in blood vessels, ginseng, which has a stimulating effect, oat, which strengthens prostate and kegel muscles.

When to use potency gels?

The use of creams and gels for potency is certainly more safe than taking tablets orally. These products are generally non-invasive and only applied locally. Therefore, they can be used without fear by people with contraindications to take medication for potency. Their use consists in applying a small amount of the product to the penis before the intended sexual intercourse. Depending on the specificity, the action should be visible after a dozen or so minutes.

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