Creatine is a betamethyloguanidinoacetic acid, which is a chemical compound that plays a key role in human life. It is most often used by athletes or physically active people to build larger muscles, strength and endurance. Creatine is to be the basis for building an athletic figure of men. How to dose creatine and is it safe for everyone?

The chemical substance called creatine has become a favourite among athletes. Research shows that intensive exercise increases the release of anabolic hormones. Consumption of carbohydrates and proteins before exercise supports protein synthesis. So the best moment to take creatine is just after physical activity. In this case, it is possible to increase or maintain the level of creatine in the muscles.

Creatine - in what form to take?

Creatine has become such a popular chemical substance that there are at least several forms of its absorption on the market. It has almost become a dietary supplement in the form of sweets, liquids, chewing gum or sparkling tablets. Therefore, there are many forms of supplementation of this substance, but each of them is characterized by comparable bioavailability and effectiveness. As a rule, customers are guided by convenience of use, especially in the case of sweets or chewing gums. The key disadvantage is the higher price compared to monohydrate. It is very important to buy creatine only from reliable vendors where these products have been tested and tested. There are no contraindications for daily creatine supplementation.

Creatine - does it cause side effects?

The side effect of creatine is considered to be a significant weight gain. Almost every athlete aspires to this effect and creatine is supposed to help him. Other more serious side effects were mainly stomach problems, uncontrolled muscle spasms, dehydration, increased susceptibility to muscle overload or strain. There were also concerns that creatine does not affect kidney function, but potential side effects were not documented.

Some research groups have concluded that excessive creatine supplementation may lead to an increase in the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease. Some people may complain about side effects, but these are rather few.

However, some studies indicate that daily creatine supplementation affects the level of libido in men. Creatine can also weaken erections and cause other sexual problems. If any side effects occur during the supplementation, the intake of this substance should be stopped immediately.

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