Potential problems are more and more common for men, including those in their prime age. Unfortunately, many of them, instead of going to consult a doctor, decide to support themselves in various ways. And sometimes all you need is a good, healthier diet, less stimulants and a little exercise! Physical activity is particularly underestimated as one of the factors clearly influencing potency - thanks to endorphins, the hormones responsible for good mood, satisfaction and suppression of pain. Endorphins are called happiness hormones. The body releases them during laughter and exercise. Would you like to enjoy your fitness in bed? Smile and go for a run! Endorphins and potency - what should you know?

Movement not only releases endorphins that will improve your mood so that you can relax more easily in the bedroom, but also reduces stress levels. 30 minutes of physical activity is enough to release the right amount of endorphins into the bloodstream. In addition, sport increases testosterone levels, which also has a positive effect on your libido. Physical exercise also has one more advantage - with the elapse of time you will start to look better, like yourself more and accept your body more. Although it sounds pretty naive, it has a real effect on potency.

Endorphins and potency, or which sport is best practiced

Whatever your preference, every regular sport will have a positive effect on your libido. Do you prefer cardio training to bench squeezing? Instead of a gym, you prefer a pool? Do you want to start running with the other half or just get on your bike and cover a dozen or so kilometres every day? You can choose any sport, but don't forget about the regularity!

However, there are three types of training that have the greatest impact on potency. First of all, oxygen training, also called aerobic training. Its main purpose is to oxygenate all cells in the body. During this type of training, the cells have constant access to oxygen from the bloodstream. The indicated type of physical activity must last a minimum of 30 minutes in order to be effective, therefore sports such as walking, swimming or running are the most popular. Only after half an hour of activity does the body start to burn fat and release endorphins.

The second type recommended for people with potency problems is a regular strength training. In addition to the release of endorphins caused by sport, testosterone levels are also raised in the body. Regular strength training will make the hormone level in your body slightly higher, which you can easily use in the bedroom.

The last, least popular training is Kegel muscle training. It's not just women who own them! Kegel's muscles are responsible for urinary retention. Doesn't sound sexy enough? That's true, but think of it as a normal strength training. Just regularly tighten and relax your muscles to quickly start enjoying a noticeable improvement in your evening activity....

Endorphins and potency are a truly harmonious duo. So play basketball with your son or kick a ball with your brother-in-law. Remember also that chocolate food, sunbathing and... orgasm also have a beneficial effect on the secretion of endorphins!

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