Psychotropics is a group of drugs that are extremely badly known. Very often we do not perceive them as other medicines, but often the difference between psychotropics and antibiotics written on strep angina results only from the specialty of the doctor who wrote them down. Psychotropics are associated with substances like horror movies - half magical, half poisonous.

Shame is an inseparable part of psychiatric treatment. Many patients do not admit to the treatment they have received or underestimate their illness. The result is a number of myths about psychotropic drugs. Some of them are quite absurd! Equally often we forget about the basic facts about psychotropics. What are the facts and myths about psychotropics?
The most popular facts and myths about psychotropics

Fact 1 - psychotropic drugs are drugs!

Psychotropics are drugs, and if they're drugs, they cure! Although this statement sounds banal, we often forget why we take this type of medicine. Psychotropics are drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist to help us recover and regain mental balance. There's no point in attributing other qualities to them. That's why the symptoms will not return after the treatment is over. The patient is cured and continued medication does not necessarily lead to a relapse.

Fact 2 - psychotropic drugs are not drugs!

In many articles, books and films there is a belief that psychotropics are cousins of drugs. And the worst, the most addictive! We forget, however, that these are drugs that are used under the supervision of a doctor and in strictly defined doses and do not cause addiction. Following a psychiatrist's advice and observing the period of taking medication will make it impossible to become addicted.

Fact 3 - psychotropes do not affect personality!

This is a fact, you often feel better, especially after prolonged use of psychotropic drugs. But it's still you! You have a better mood and mood, but you are still yourself. However, there is no question of a change of personality. Under the influence of the drug, you will not start listening to another genre of music, change your friends or stop eating the food you love.

Myth 1 - psychotropics is the last resort

We often forget that people who take psychotropic drugs also receive therapy and other activities to help them recover. Psychotropic drugs are not a last resort, but only one of many means of recovery. It's not just hopeless psychiatric cases that get psychotropics.

Myth 2 - psychotropic drugs can be taken without consulting a doctor

Do you remember those scenes from American movies when the main character swallows a handful of psychotropic drugs whenever he feels bad? It's just a screenwriter's fantasy. Dosage of psychotropic drugs resembles contraception for women - it is used every day, at specific times, regardless of the experience and mood of the day.

Myth 3 - psychotropics will make the symptoms disappear in a few moments

Psychiatric treatment usually takes many months, so the symptoms cannot be expected to disappear as soon as you take your first dose of medication. It is often necessary to wait a few weeks for the first changes, and the improvement is gradual and slow.

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