It is no secret that taking medication in addition to improving wellbeing, it probably leaves behind undesirable effects. Some drugs may cause side effects, including erectile dysfunction. Sexual performance problems can occur especially after regular use of antidepressants, hypertension drugs and cholesterol-lowering agents.

The effect of drugs on potency can dramatically change the sexual life of partners. Drugs disturbing the natural mechanisms of the organism's stimulation, affect the functioning of the serotonergic system. These drugs usually inhibit erectile dysfunction. Hormonal reactions are deregulated, resulting in a reduced sex drive.

Medicines and sexual performance

The number of pharmaceuticals that may interfere with sexual function is not fully defined. These problems may affect not only physical fitness but also ejaculation disorders. According to specialists, the vast majority of systemic diseases are directly related to the increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

The complete mechanism of sexual function is not known. It is a complex combination of hormones and genitals. Dopamine is responsible for sexual function and serotonin blocks sexual function. It is also extremely important that the testosterone, which takes part in the stimulation of the body, works efficiently.

If you notice any disorder of sexual function, you should report it immediately to your doctor. It is not advisable to give up or modify the therapy on your own. Changing measures very often leads to the elimination of previously occurring adverse reactions.

What medications disturb the potency?

Many nervous, hormonal, vascular and psychological factors are responsible for keeping the libido normal. So the source of any erectile dysfunction may be more than one. Many pharmaceuticals affect the production of hormones by inhibiting them, which results in a disruption of the transmission of nerve signals. Antidepressants belong to the group of drugs that have the strongest impact on sexual performance. This is due to a change in the level of chemicals in the brain. In particular, there are drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Increasing the level of this hormone impairs the process of stimulating the body. Not less frequently mentioned impotence disturbants are drugs for hypertension and cholesterol lowering drugs. Drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction are not recommended for the treatment of sexual dysfunction caused by other drugs.

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