Much has already been written about diets, weight loss, balanced diet and daily need for kilocalories, but there is still little mention of how to eat to lose weight. This is no less important than what we eat or avoid in our daily diet, instead of looking for another perfect nutrition plan recommended by athletes, actresses and TV fairies at the same time!

Snacks and drinks are also part of our daily diet, but most often we forget about them. Coffee with milk, tea with sugar and lemon or a glass of wine for dinner... Yes, it all adds up to a kilocalories. So eat carefully, counting and planning not only the main meals, but also snacks and drinks. It is best to replace calorie bars and salted snacks with fruit smoothies or a few nuts. Water is the best substitute for sweetened, carbonated drinks and artificially coloured teas. Limit or completely remove alcohol from your diet. A healthy, balanced diet, meals made with organic ingredients, regular meal times and even planned and healthy snacks will not help if you don't reduce alcohol in your diet.

How to eat to lose weight - regularly and with head!

For years it has been repeated like a mantra that you should eat 5 meals a day. However, this is not a golden rule that applies to everyone! There are people who need 4 meals, but there are also people who get up early in the morning, work physically and need as many as 6 meals. That is why an individual and reasonable approach to diet is so important. Do not blindly believe in the stories of colleagues from work or diet-wonder with colorful newspapers! You have to approach the diet with your head, carefully analyze your needs, habits and... preferences!

No matter how many meals you need or plan to eat every day, it is worth taking care of their regularity. Especially at the beginning of the path to healthy eating! Consistent attention to the time of meals will allow you to get used to the right size of portion. It is best to eat every few hours, so as not to allow the feeling of starvation. It is worth to plan the time of eating every 3-4 hours.

Particular attention should be paid to meals after training. They should be healthy and balanced. Forget about "rewarding" your effort with pizza or sweets. Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce or rice with vegetables, turkey and herbs... Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Surely such a healthy, balanced meal will do more than fries and burgers.

What to eat to lose weight at home?

Sometimes it's fun to go out in the city, eat something in your favorite place and meet friends. However, eating at home has a greater impact on what you eat and how you eat. Even healthy restaurants that serve the calorific value of dishes and desserts don't always serve what's on the menu. Therefore, it is better to spend some time preparing a meal at home. Forget about semi-finished products and ready-to-heat dishes! They contain preservatives, are sweetened and eaten in a hurry will make you feel no satiety and you will want to eat more.

Also remember to drink water. Drinking water all day long with small sips will speed up your metabolism, hydrate your body and make you feel less hungry!

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