Does anyone else doubt the negative influence of overweight on libido? Yes, overweight affects both your body - including your sexual performance - and your self-acceptance. The extra kilos take away the desire to have sex with both sexes. Obesity leads to many diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which can also leave their mark on the potency.

Overweight women often complain of vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse. It's hard to talk about the joy of intercourse or high libido if the sexual act is associated with pain and discomfort, isn't it? In turn men with much higher body weight have problems with erection.

Complexes, lack of self acceptance or psychological discomfort accompany overweight people all the time. Unfortunately, these troubles also take you to the bedroom! If the whole day is full of malice, bullying and malicious remarks, then it is impossible to expect that the appetite for sex and romantic atmosphere will appear suddenly in the evening, when one of the parties is ready.

Not only hypertension and diabetes, the negative influence of overweight on your libido

People struggling with overweight often also have to deal with sluggishness, weaker condition, and lack of energy... Although it sounds a bit banal, it is worth remembering that such symptoms can annoy for months, which also affects the mood and self-esteem of the overweight person.

The most serious disorder resulting from the excess weight is a disorder of the hormonal balance. For both sexes, hormones play a key role in intercourse. The level of hormones - mainly testosterone - also determines the feeling of sexual attraction and desire. Obesity, however, significantly reduces testosterone levels in the body, leading to libido problems.

Arterial hypertension caused by overweight makes us tired faster, nervous and uncomfortable. We feel bad in our own skin, we are often too hot... All these factors affect both sexes and significantly reduce our willingness to have sex. That's why it's worth it to start fighting overweight! For yourself and your partner, who may feel neglected by our potency problems. But let's not forget to talk and honestly admit what we feel - this is the first step to overcome the lack of acceptance of our body, which so much reduces our appetite for co-existence.

Overweight also affects erection. It is much harder for men with excess weight to get and then maintain an erection. This is primarily a consequence of hormonal disorders, but the accompanying obesity diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, lipid metabolism disorders also have a negative effect on erection.

Overweight in women and the appetite for sex

Overweight among women often leads to a decrease in estrogen levels in the body. Estrogens in obese women turn into testosterone, the excess of which leads to a number of diseases, including those related to fertility. Estrogens are sex hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the body, you need no less than testosterone to keep the ladies appetite for sex. Increased testosterone levels result in excessive hair and acne, which worsen the mood and lower the woman's self-esteem. It's hard to expect an increased libido from your partner!

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