Pumpkin season in full swing! These orange and yellow vegetables surround us from all sides. Every day, a new delicious pumpkin recipe appears in the press and on television. Cream soup, stuffed pumpkin, roasted pumpkin, pumpkin desserts or sandwich paste... What about pumpkin seeds? They are not as fashionable as the pumpkin itself, but you should remember that it is a very rich source of healthy fat and magnesium, as well as selenium and zinc. The latter two are the two microelements necessary for the production of high-quality semen. Zinc significantly improves sperm viability and enhances excitement and orgasm. Selenium - apart from its special role in the production of sperm - has a positive effect on the functioning of the prostate and has an antiatherosclerotic effect. A handful of pumpkin seeds will satisfy your daily need for both of these elements and significantly affect your potency.

Pumpkin seeds also contain magnesium, which affects the nervous system. Thanks to it you will be more susceptible to touch and sexual stimuli! Pumpkin seeds therefore work on the male body like oysters or other exquisite aphrodisiacs, but they are much easier to access and have a better price! Available in stores all year round. You don't have to gouge out seeds from a pumpkin's seed nest for soup or paste.

The list of advantages of pumpkin seeds is almost endless! In addition to magnesium, zinc and selenium, they contain antioxidant, cardioprotective and anti-hypertensive nutrients. They are necessary to maintain optimal sexual health and good libido.

Iron and omega-3 fatty acids contained in pumpkin seeds will reduce inflammation in the body, help in the treatment of prostate and provide energy ... also for night-time activities!

Pumpkin seeds for potency in your daily diet

Just add a handful to your favourite salad, sprinkle the top of the soup with cream or bite through it instead of bars and salty snacks. How about pumpkin pancakes or pikeperch breaded in seeds? There's plenty to choose from! It is easy to find recipes that also contain other ingredients that have a beneficial effect on potency, such as celery or paprika. Pumpkin seeds are easy to store, you don't have to prepare them beforehand or look for them in shops with unusual food. Even bread with pumpkin seeds can be easily found in the local bakery. Regular consumption of these seeds will have a significant impact on your health and sexual performance.

Desserts and sweets can also be enriched with pumpkin seeds. On the web you can easily find a recipe for pumpkin muffins with seeds or chocolate balls filled with pumpkin mousse and seeds... There are plenty of recipes, just reach for your favourite and see how pumpkin seeds have a beneficial effect on potency.

Asian cuisine can also be enriched with this addition. Indian curry with rice and chicken or Thai soups blend in perfectly with crunchy toppings such as nuts and seeds. Just roast them a little bit in a frying pan and add to the thick sauce or soup a cream of your favorite vegetables.... Taking care of your potency has never been so delicious!

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