Celery is one of the most underestimated natural aphrodisiacs! It is a rich source of magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. Stem celery is a kind of vitamin bomb! Every day we forget the importance of a proper diet for men with potency problems. We underestimate fruits and vegetables, forget about movement, drink alcohol, and in the evening we are surprised... Before you run to the pharmacy for over-the-counter supplements or sign up for medical examinations, try changing your habits. Start by crunching celery instead of a bar or a salty snack. Include root celery in your daily menu - although it looks less appealing, it is also rich in nutrients. Check out how celery works to improve your libido.

Zinc, selenium and vitamins, which is why celery is best for improving your libido

In addition, zinc actively participates in many processes taking place in the human body. It is a microelement essential for wound healing, insulin secretion and cholesterol concentration. In addition, it affects the immune system, the circulatory system, the blood pressure and heart rate, and mineralization. Nothing but to eat celery and enjoy the benefits of zinc!

We should also remember about two elements that are necessary to fight impotence. These are zinc and selenium. Zinc is very good for people struggling with potency problems! It is this element that is responsible for the production of sperm.

The second important element in problems with libido is selenium. You'll find this micronutrient in the root celery. Although there is not much of it, including this vegetable in the regular menu will certainly result in a better mood, also in bed. Selenium is responsible for the proper functioning of the testicles and has a positive effect on the quality of semen. Selenium also has a very good effect on the thyroid gland, the immune system, the enzymatic system and also protects red blood cells against oxidation, i.e. it slows down the aging process. Even if you don't complain about potency problems, it's worth eating celery every few days.

The antioxidant vitamins A, E and C contained in celery will significantly affect your health! It is worth noting that celery has twice as much vitamin C as celery. However, both varieties of this vegetable have a high nutritional value.

The recipe for success: celery, nuts, some movement

The diet concentrated around the fight against impotence should also be enriched with nuts. Together with the celery, it is a great combination, which will ensure the return to the old fitness. They are also a rich source of selenium and zinc. Brazil nuts are particularly helpful in this regard, as they will improve the production and metabolism of testosterone.

So what? After work, go for a walk, go for a run or get on a bike and cover a few kilometers. A light yet strengthening and nutritious salad with celery and nuts for dinner, a glass of red wine for relaxation? It's a simple recipe for success!

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